Saving Money

Money Saving Tips

Although you can save money on your big monthly expenses like rent, mortgage payments, car payments, taxes, etc., it is difficult to do this quickly as it involves tedious procedures.  So it is better to start focusing on saving money on the expenses that you can control quickly and easily.  Here are some money saving tips to help you with that.

  • Shop at regular grocery stores and not at convenience stores because they cost more.

  • Never go grocery shopping when you’re hungry as you will be more likely to stuff your shopping cart with unwanted items.

  • Always make a detailed shopping list when going shopping and buy only those products which are on your list.  This will prevent impulse buys that tend to cost a lot.

  • Turn off all the fans, lights, and air conditioners when leaving a room, even if you will be back shortly.

  • Use coupons while shopping - you can print online coupons right here.  But make sure you’re not buying a more expensive brand that turns out to cost more than your regular brand even after using the coupon.

  • If you buy lunch everyday, start taking it from home.

  • Make your own coffee instead of buying that $4 latté from the café (or just get a regular cup of joe!).

  • If you have subscriptions to any magazines make sure you get the time to read them.  If not, cancel all such subscriptions.

  • If you’re paying for some premium channels that you never get around to watching, don’t subscribe to them.

  • Buy a cheaper cell phone plan that does not have all the latest bells and whistles.  After all, a phone is primarily for talking, isn’t it?  You can do without the streaming music videos.

  • Cook dinners and lunches for the entire week and freeze them.  This way you can save money by buying groceries in bulk and you will also not be tempted to eat out that much.

  • Make sure your car is always tuned properly so that you can increase your gas mileage and save on gas costs.

  • Join a car pool to work if possible.  Also try to arrange a car pool to take your children to school and all their extra curricular activities.  This helps to save gas and also lowers your car maintenance bills.

  • When buying medicines, avoid buying expensive brands, but try to look for generic substitutes that contain the same active ingredient.

  • Make sure that your credit report is accurate.  This will help to keep your credit score high, which in turn can mean lower interest rates and thousands of dollars worth of savings in interest.

  • Never use a credit card, unless it is an absolute emergency.  Buy only those things that you can pay cash for.

  • If eating out, try and visit restaurants and bars during happy hours.

  • Create a family budget and spend according to the budget only. 

  • Make sure your household budget allocates money for emergencies too.

Although you will get tempted from time to time to ignore these tips and spend as you please, the only way to financial freedom and a debt free life is to change your habits and spend wisely.  After some time saving money will become practically second nature!




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